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When you are seeking a Deck & Fence Staining and Painting company in the Bettendorf, IA area, you need look no further than Quad Cities Painting Company. As a locally-owned and operated business, we appreciate the importance of family time. We help create beautiful outdoor spaces to relax with family thanks to our low-maintenance deck and fence staining services. Our reliable deck and fence staining team can refresh old fences and decks or protect your new installations with high-quality, durable solutions.

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Full-spectrum outdoor protection

Ready to protect your deck, fence, or exterior structure from the harsh Bettendorf, IA elements? Rely on our team of experts to recommend the right paint or stain to coat your investment. Whether you have a new deck or an existing fence, our team can clean and prep your surfaces for years of added protection.

Deck Staining & Painting

Whether your older deck is looking a little worse for wear, or you have a brand-new deck both need protection from the harsh Bettendorf, IA weather. Quad Cities Painting can help you find the perfect paint or stain for beautiful results. We use industry best practices and high-quality stains for each project. Our goal is to improve your outdoor living space. Quad Cities Painting uses a three-step process to provide low-maintenance decks including:

  1. A thorough power wash
  2. Sanding imperfections
  3. Applying high-quality stain for a perfect finish

We can customize your look with a splash of color using paint. Paint helps hide imperfections with a wide variety of color choices you’ll love. We’ll find the best solution for your needs.

Fence Staining

Fences are an essential element of your property. They offer privacy and security as well as an attractive detail for your backyard. However, once the stain starts to fade your fence not only looks bad but also begins to lose its structural integrity. We recommend a fresh stain application every two to five years to keep your fence looking its best. Staining protects against moisture and improves your fence’s appearance. Our team can help you find the right stain for your needs and ensure your fence is well maintained.

Gazebo Painting

Over the years exposure to the elements can leave your wood arbor or gazebo vulnerable to moisture and damage. Overgrowth of climbing plants adds more weight over the years as well. To help protect the strength of your arbor, staining or painting is required. Without proper protection, ongoing exposure to moisture and overgrowth can permanently damage your arbor. Quad Cities Painting arbor staining services beautify and protect gazebos and arbors so they can stand up to growth and moisture for years to come. 

Shed Staining & Painting

Just because sheds serve a practical purpose doesn’t mean they can’t look good while doing it. If your shed is showing its age, it’s important to provide protection for the wood or it can begin to rot. This interferes with your shed’s integrity. Our shed staining services protect your shed from water damage while keeping it looking new. Staining your shed every two to five years is a must if you want your shed to withstand the hands of time.

Playhouse Staining

Your wooden playhouse provides a cheerful place where your kids can play for hours. However, if your playhouse is fading and damaged by the elements, it doesn’t present a welcoming, safe place for play. Our staining services provide years of protection for your playhouse while also creating a more inviting space. You can breathe new life into a faded, dull playhouse with our wide assortment of paint colors and stains, to bring back its quaint charm and whimsy.

Barns and Outdoor Structures

Your barn or outdoor structure’s integrity is at risk when exposed to years of moisture. As a building you depend on for storage or shelter, you need to care for your outdoor structures to protect them from damage. Quad Cities Painting offers staining and painting services that both protect your outdoor structure and keep it looking its best. We can discuss your options and provide a free estimate based on the look you want to achieve. 

Bettendorf Deck & Fence Staining and Painting Services

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Deck StainingDeck Staining

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Why Quad Cities Painting Company?

Quad Cities Painting Company has provided superior deck and fence staining services in the Bettendorf, IA area for over a decade. We strive to maintain our reputation for high-quality workmanship and courteous service. We believe these are the qualities that have sustained us for over 10 years. We use the highest quality stains and materials to protect your decks, fences and other outdoor wood structures while offering the following:

  • One-year warranty
  • Free estimates
  • Commercial-grade coatings
  • Mess-free cleanup
  • Clear communication
Pergola Painting and Staining

You have questions, we have answers

Bettendorf deck & fence painting and staining FAQs

Power washing is the best way to remove dirt from the wood as it provides a clean slate that will absorb the stain. Although many people think sanding is better, it actually closes the “pores” of the wood. This makes it difficult for the stain to penetrate properly. Sanding can also cause water-soluble extractive compounds to leach out leading to discoloration.

Stains only last from two to five years. If you use a stain and sealer you’ll get at least two years of protection, while an elastomeric coating lasts upwards of five.

It really depends on the scope of the project. We always provide a free estimate before beginning a job so we can assess the condition, take measurements, and discuss the type of stain and coating you prefer. Speak to our team for a free estimate today.

It depends. Side-by-side fences can be stained right away, but board-on-board fences need six to eight weeks to cure.

Vines and shrubs are a definite obstacle during staining. We’ve had some homeowners remove or cut back plants and shrubs prior to staining, while others want us to work around them. We don’t recommend the latter, as it interferes with the effectiveness of the stain.

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